How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress
So, the date you were waiting for so long is finally set, and you are bound to start thinking of where to buy your wedding dress. There are two most widely used options of choosing a wedding dress: visiting some bridal shops or buying your dress online.
Unconventional Wedding Dresses
An unorthodox dress does not mean anything extravagant or provoking. It doesn’t have to be a unique item created by some big-name French designer. You can easily buy a wedding dress in Moscow and disregard conventions at the same time.
First Dance and Wedding Dress
The story of the dance of the newlyweds is as old as time. Lords of the highest ranks, kings and even commoners always thought it a matter of honor to include the first dance in the wedding ceremony. As for waltz, it was originated as early as in the 1270s. So it can safely be said that waltz is a relatively new dance.
Dress for Your Body Shape
Every girl wants to look perfectly at her wedding. However, some visual imperfections are a frequent source of frustration for a future bride. Surely it doesn’t mean that you have to start a strict diet long before the wedding or resort to plastic surgery. A rightly chosen wedding dress can bring your beauty into focus and at the same time hide those little points that you think are imperfections in your image. Fashion designers are here to help you out and offer a huge variety of gowns to accentuate your strength and conceal your weaknesses. For example, special wedding styles for plus-size brides can make their owners more elegant. The cut of a dress must be in accordance with the body shape. Our bridal boutique offers a wide range of dresses where you are bound to find the one that suits you best.
Wedding Photography: A Memory of the Happy Day
Chronicle and group photos will reflect the most important moments of the ceremony. Paying the ransom, congratulations, visit to a civil registry office, marriage registration and certification will be captured by the camera and will remain a living memory in the pictures.
Wedding Dress Through the Ages.
Whatever the age, girls and young women have always chosen their evening and wedding dresses with utmost attention. Ancient Greek women, for instance, usually wore a plain peplos at their weddings. Today we call it a Greek dress and once again consider it the height of fashion.
Wedding Makeup and Hairstyle: Key Elements of the Bride’s Image
All brides want to look exceptionally glamorous on the day of their wedding. They take great pleasure in choosing the dress, selecting appropriate accessories, visiting beauty parlors, discussing bouquets, invitations and the wedding menu with their relatives.
Trends in Wedding Fashion
No bride will be content with just looking good at her wedding; every bride wants to be stunning. The purpose of makeup, hairstyle, nail design, shoes and, of course, the wedding dress is to astonish, entrance, make one want to turn around and stare.
The Importance of Details
Unfortunately even the most expensive and luxurious wedding dress cannot guarantee the perfect look of its owner if she fails to obtain wedding accessories. We are referring to such small but very important details as gloves, shoes and jewelry. Dear brides-to-be, Lilys Bridal Boutique would like to offer you some useful recommendations on how to choose these items.
Wedding dresses designs for you to select the right attire.
It is very important to select the right design to accentuate strong points of any figure and disguise any small imperfections. A bridal gown is her individual image. The purpose of the gown is not only to present the bride’s figure in the best light, but also to emphasize her character and lifestyle.