Dear brides! We are happy to welcome you in «Lilys» online wedding dress catalog!

Our design studio creates fairytale-like unique wedding dresses. Each and every one of them incorporates the most stylish trends of the wedding fashion. Each and every one of them is a unique work of art of excellent quality.

Every bead in its place

What sets «Lilys» wedding dresses apart from many others sold in Kirov? First of all, the variety of styles: here every bride can find the dress she has been dreaming about since childhood. The second and most important difference is luxurious trimming of our dresses, i.e. masterful bead embroidery, decoration with Swarovski crystals, handmade accessories. What else do you need to be the star of the feast? Every dress is trimmed by skilled embroiderers with immense experience, second-, third- or fourth-generation artists. Embroidery on «Lilys» dresses is a combination of inimitable patterns which you will never find on any other wedding attire.

Miracle Workers

There are no insignificant details for us in creation of our wedding dresses. Our designers are the true masters of cut. Not only do they make magnificent dresses, but they literally live and breathe their work! They are constantly experimenting and introduce new developments for any wedding dress from the 2012 collection to fit you perfectly.

Designers are the people to help you create an impeccable heavenly image. That is why they use various corset treatment techniques. What you get are light as air and transparent corset structures or stiff styles to give your figure voluptuous curves. In short, each element of a «Lilys» dress is designed to make the Cinderella’s ball come true.

Your Happiness is What Matters

«Lilys» makes brides’ dreams come true and makes them happy. Our sincere wish is for you to be as beautiful as Venus rising from the sea, to be confident in your beauty and appeal, to satisfy your most exquisite tastes and desires.

«Lilys» offers so many various dresses, just enough to turn your head! But isn’t it fun to choose the very best from the best? Come to our boutique where we are ready to help you with a good advice to make it easy for you to buy just the dress you need.

You ask how we manage to support such a wide range of styles different from all other bridal shops? Well, no other bridal shop in Kirov offers even the fifth of the «Lilys» range! Our secret is that we are constantly examining, collecting and selecting the most precious jewels among the wedding attires around the world. Our designers incorporate all the basic motives, elements and trends in their work.